Capital Markets Resources (CMR) is an international executive search firm that specializes in the capital markets space with a focus on professionals with experience in Market Risk, Credit Risk, Interest Rate Derivatives, FX Options / Dervatives, FX Money Markets, Equity Derivatives, Credit Derivatives and Commodity Derivatives roles across the front to back office.

CMR is boutique search partner, dedicated to Trading and Risk System professionals covering leading applications; Openlink - Murex - Calypso - Sophis - Front Arena - Summit - Kondor+, Datasynapse - Platform - Triplepoint - Solarc, and others.

CMR works with a broad range of clients including corporate and investment banks, hedge funds, buy-Side IT Software Vendors, sell-Side IT Software Vendors, investment Banks, financial services firms and financial software firms.

If you or your organization is currently looking to add highly skilled individuals with backgrounds in capital markets, derivatives, or other highly-technical financial competencies, we would gladly work with you on your search.




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